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My Sister, MR
My Wife, Missy
(more to come)

Some of my favorite blog posts that tell you more about me and our family!

How our family came to be... the short version.
About my marriage... the long version.
How we made our beautiful babies!
How my daughter, Lilian, got her name.
How my daughter, Coraline, got her name.
Coraline's birth and NICU story. (December 2012)
About my dogs and how they fit into our family.
About Lilian Part 1
About Lilian Part 2

PARENTING:  My thoughts on parenting.

You Get What You Get and You Don't Get Upset: On Respecting Our Children
My thoughts on Co-Sleeping and Diapering
On Breastfeeding 1,  Breastfeeding 2, and On NOT Breastfeeding (3)

Contact me:  LilFamilyBlog@gmail.com

(My wife on the left, Lilian center, and that's me on the right.)

My 2 girls.   12/23/12

Family Photo.   1/19/13

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