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What We've Been Up To (Updates, Feb thru April)

It's been a super long time!  And when it gets to be too long between blog posts, it feels overwhelming to catch up... and so I put it off even more, then more time goes by, and it feels more overwhelming, and it becomes a cycle!  So... I'm just going to catch up in bullet points and photos!  (Photos are the best part anyway!)

So here's what's new (and the same):

* On March 4, 2014 Lily lost her first tooth!  (And a couple of weeks later, her second tooth came out also, the one right next to it.)  Her permanent teeth had already grown in behind the baby teeth (the dentist called it shark teeth!), so when the baby teeth fell out, the new ones were already there!  She now has her third wiggly tooth, a top one.  I can't believe my baby is already loosing teeth!
Her first tooth was wiggly for a month or more, but she was too scared to play with it.  For a week, it was hanging on by a thread!  I picked her up from school one day, and her TA told me that she cried hysterically in the middle of class but couldn't tell anybody why.  When she got in the car, I asked her and she said she didn't know.  I asked her if it was about her tooth, and she told me her tooth fell out in the middle of class, but she was too embarrassed to tell anyone - then she looked at it and it had blood on it (she's phobic about blood) and so she started crying.  I asked her where the tooth was (I was terrified she had lost it), and she reached into her blue cardigan pocket and pulled out the tiny tooth!  I can't believe she didn't lose it all day!  She quickly got over the shock, then was really excited for the tooth fairy to come.

*  In February, my last remaining grandparent passed away.  But it meant that we got a bonus visit from my brother, his wife, and my adorable niece!  We had just seen them in December (and it was the first time I met my niece), so we didn't expect to see them so soon!  So here are all the kids, with me and my brother and my dad.  (Lily age 5, Coraline age 14 months, and Kaila age 9 months.)

* For Valentine's Day, we stayed in a hotel and had dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant.  I took Lily swimming in the hotel (always a favorite of hers) and the next day, we took Lily bowling for what she believes is the first time (though I tried to convince her she'd been bowling 2 times before, she was too little to remember.)  Lily LOVED bowling, and we wound up going AGAIN the next week with some friends.

For school, we made "cookie Valentines" (again) - each kid got two pink-sugar-glitter sugar cookies, that we individually wrapped and made handmade tags for.  Lily was super excited to also wear her new hot pink rain boots on Valentine's Day.  School almost got cancelled due to snow that day, which had Mommy nearly in tears (after we spent 12 hours making cookie-Valentines), but luckily she got to go to school and hand them out!

Cookie Valentines, 2014

Bonus cute Coraline photo from Valentine's Day weekend.
*  In March we went to the Montauk St. Patrick's Day parade (we had to skip last year because Coraline was too little and it was too cold).  Lily had a great time, at least for the first 80% of it, but towards the end she got too cold to really enjoy it.  We found a fox hat in a store in Montauk (with built in mittens) and she fell in love with it, and so we had to get it for her... which resulted in me singing "what did the fox say?" for the remainder of the day.
Me & Lily at the parade
*  The first weekend of April, to celebrate Missy's birthday, we spent the day in the city.  We met up with Lily's cousin Violet and took the girls to the Museum of Natural History (Lily's first visit) to see the dinosaur bones!  Lily had a super awesome time and is still talking about it!  She can't wait to go back to the museum and see other things (we only did the dinosaur rooms and the giant whale room, because we didn't have enough time to do everything.)

Violet and Lily and the dinosaur
Lily's first subway ride (she was a lot more excited for
the ride than she was for this photo!)

Coraline and a bone bigger than her!
* On April 8, we bought Coraline her first pair of shoes!  About a month ago, she started watching Sesame Street and is a big fan, so we picked out some red Elmo sneakers as her first pair.  We also tried on the basic white "first shoe", but in the end we decided the the red kicks were more her style.  Here she is trying them on in the shoe store, than wearing them for the first time the next day.  She still can't walk, but her Physical Therapist asked me to buy them now, so we could do some of her therapies/practice outside on warm days.

First shoes!  (16 months old)

* In related thoughts, Coraline has been having therapy 4x a week.  She's making great progress - she's using her right (affected) hand more and more, she can cruise on furniture and walk pushing a walker/shopping cart like a pro.  She however, has not had her first steps yet.  (She'll be 17 months on 5/12).  They'll come eventually, so for now we're still working on it.

* Coraline also receives speech therapy and in the past month has learned three words/sounds.  She says "ma" and/or "meh" which seems to mean both "mom" and "more".  She says "dah" for dog and she says "ha" for hi (and when someone enters a room, she waves at them and says "ha").  Having three meaningful sounds is a huge improvement for her!  
The other day, I was cooking in the kitchen and I had put her in a playpen in the living room for a little while.  The dogs were gated in the kitchen with me.  Well, I heard her all of a sudden shouting "dah, dah", and I thought "what is she talking about? the dogs are in here with me, she doesn't see a dog".  And I looked in the living room, and sure enough, one of the dogs had escaped from the kitchen and was prancing around in front of her playpen - and she totally tattled on him!

* When Coraline was a year old, she had 4 teeth - top two and bottom two.  Now by 16 months, she has 9 and there are 3 more under the gums RIGHT there about to cut through!  The teeth are just cutting all at the same time!  She now has 4 bottom teeth, 3 top front teeth (and the 4th is about to cut), two top molars, and the bottom two molars are right at the surface too. Lucky for everyone, she's not a fussy teether, or it would have been a really rough past few months.

* In March, we did another photo session with Satin Sky Photo and got some beautiful shots of the girls!  I love the images (and the dresses I found).  I can't wait to do a Mommy & Me photo shoot next month also!  (I have NO photos of me with the kids that I like.)

* We had a low key Easter at home, but the girls did an egg hunt (even Coraline!)  The Easter Bunny brought them baskets and we had dinner with family.  

Dyeing eggs with Lily, a few days before Easter.

Aha!  Lily spotted another egg!

Coraline's first egg hunt!

Coraline was super excited to discover that her eggs were filled with Goldfish!

Happy Sisters!
* As far as work goes, Missy has been at her job since July 2012 and is about to go into the really busy summer season!  My job actually ends June 1, since the school I work at closes for the summer - but I hope to go back in September, and Coraline will be old enough to actually attend the pre-school!  

* For a fund-raiser, Lily's school had a Mystery Art Sale last week.  All the students made 5x7 works of art, then the parents, local artists, etc. were asked to contribute.  All the art was hung in the local gallery, and were sold for $20 a piece, anonymously!  You didn't know if you were buying art from a kindergartener, an 8th grader, a parent, or a professional artist!  The names/artists weren't revealed until pick-up on the last day.  We went on the first day of the show to see Lily's art (and to buy it), but when we got there, her piece had already sold!  So we were sad that we couldn't buy her art, but also proud of her that someone else liked it enough to buy it, on the first day even!

Lily and her art (the underwater scene on color blocks)
* Last week, we watched "Catching Fire" on pay-per-view, since I missed it in the theatre, and the girls thought it was totally boring!   They fell asleep on each other, and it was so flippin' cute, I had to snap some photos:

Sleepy Sisters

*  And today is my grandma's birthday. I wrote blog posts about her Here and Also Here.  It's been 3 years since I've seen her, and so today I'll remember.   I still think about her often and miss her all the time.

3.12.14 Coraline loves swinging!

I think that sums up the past few months!  Looking forward to some warm weather (before it gets HOT) and spending some time outdoors with the girls!

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