Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6 Months: Solids, Milestones, and Beach Days

Coraline is 6 months old!!!

Where did the time go?  I can't believe that we're celebrating her half birthday already.

GROWTH:  At her sixth month well-baby check up, Coraline was 25 inches tall (from 20.5 at birth) and 13.8 pounds (from her birth weight of 6 lb, 14 oz.)

MILESTONES:  Coraline now rolls back to front regularly (many times a day) and front to back occasionally.  Though I put her to bed on her back, she rolls over sometime in the night and sleeps most nights on her right side or on her belly.  (Belly sleeping seems so uncomfortable to me, but she seems to like it.)  As far as milestones, that's pretty much all we got so far.  She doesn't sit unsupported yet and there are no early signs of crawling either.

TEETH:  I think I can see two tooth buds inside her bottom gum, but I don't feel any sharp edges yet or see anything poking through.  Lily got her bottom two teeth by six months, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see Coraline's soon.  But I hope not too soon, because I love her gummy smile!

FOOD:  I'm still pumping breastmilk for Coraline - Yay!  Six months of breastmilk milestone!  She eats about 50/50 breastmilk and formula still.  And a few days before her half-birthday, we started solid foods!  I can't say she's a huge fan, but it's not coming out of her mouth in projectile form, so there's that.  Her first food was pumpkin puree.  Besides that, she's had apple puree, a few bites of broccoli, pizza crust to gnaw on (her favorite), and banana puree.  Of all the baby foods, banana has been her favorite so far, though I'm not sure if it is based on the flavor or the texture (it's the smoothest.)   She hasn't eaten any real volume of these foods yet (it takes me 3-4 days to get through one baby food portion), but we're experimenting and practicing.  And of course... now some First Foods photos!

First Food!   6/7/13  Pumpkin Puree

6/18/13 -  Mmmmm... Bananas... give it here!

Still a little undecided on whether she likes it or not.

And... video too:  

On the day she turned six months, I took Coraline and Lily down to one of the most beautiful beaches near us, and took some portraits of Coraline.  I didn't love how they came out, so then I took some more in my mother-in-law's front yard.  I know I'm biased, but C totally is getting cuter and cuter as time goes on!

For comparison, Coraline at 11 days old.  12/23/12

CORALINE on her HALF BIRTHDAY   6/12/13:

Lily took this photo of us.

Love this smile.

BEACH DAYS:  On her half birthday, the beach was SOOOO windy (and chilly too.)  We had one HOT week, but besides that it's been a very cool spring so far.  Last year we were swimming at the beach by May, and now it's the end of June and we still haven't had a super hot day yet.  Yesterday, I decided to be brave and take both girls to the beach alone.  I packed a cooler with lunch, a backpack with my stuff, a beach bag with Lily's toys and things, and a beach sun-tent that a friend gave us for Coraline.  I think it took me 40 minutes at home to get everything all ready for the beach (and everyone in their swimsuits.)   Then I had to carry all the stuff from the car and set it up (and make sure the tent didn't blow away).  Lily and I ate some lunch, and then she played in the (very shallow) water.  I tried to keep Coraline in the tent so she wouldn't get sunburnt, but she wasn't really happy in there alone.  Then she got overtired and wanted a nap, but I forgot a pacifier and she was just miserable.  So less than an hour after we got to the beach, we had to pack up and leave.  I spend more time packing/carrying/unpacking then we actually did THERE!   I think I discovered that taking both kids to the beach is a two adult (minimum) job.   But, here are some photos:

Matching swimsuits!!!

My Lily-girl

Fresh Pond Beach

Beach tent

Summer is here!!!

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