Sunday, March 24, 2013

Important Week for Equality - Wear RED, Send me Photos!

 I'm not a very political person and we're not a political family.  We have our political beliefs (which pretty much all lie on the liberal side of the fence) and our personal beliefs (which differ/split a little between my wife and me on topics like religion/spirituality, abortion, and animal-rights/vegetarianism), but overall, we're not ALL IN YOUR FACE about them.  Our version of activism is living the average American life and refusing to highlight our differences, instead reaffirming to everyone we know and meet, that we're no different than "you" (you, being the typical heterosexually married family.)  We don't have exclusively gay friends, we don't even have a majority of gay friends (we probably have the same amount of gay friends as the average New Yorker), and all of our "couples" friends are mixed-sex couples.  We're just an average family, who happens to have a Wife/Wife instead of a Husband/Wife, and a Mom/Mom instead of a Mom/Dad.  We've never marched in pride parades, we don't own rainbow flags or jewelry, and my car has no bumper stickers.  But when it comes to the topic of marriage - we're obviously pretty opinionated.

We're lucky enough to live in a state that allows same-sex marriages (new law as of 7/24/11) and has recognized them from other states for even longer (in May 2008 the governor ordered NY courts to recognize marriages from other states) but sadly, only 8 other states recognize our marriage (and a few more recognize our union, but not equal to a marriage).

(Click to see larger.)

But this Tuesday and Wednesday, cases will come to the Supreme Court that could potentially change all of this.  Tuesday, the California Prop 8 cases will come to review (whether or not the state can ban gay marriages on a state level) and on Wednesday the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) will come to review, to see if it is constitutional to prevent same-sex marriages on a federal level.  The Prop 8 case probably won't affect us on a personal level, since our state HASN'T put a ban on marriages, but the DOMA case could potentially renew our FEDERAL level rights that we are entitled to and ensure that if we travelled or relocated to a different state, that our marriage would remain intact, no matter where we went.  My marriage is no less valid  than yours (or yours or yours) no matter where we go!

These are both huge steps in the progress for equality.  And I'm also proud to say that we finally have a president supporting the cause.  This is an important week.

I do believe that we will see equality in our lifetime.  It's an exciting time in history.  I can't imagine a world with slavery, or where interracial marriage is prohibited, or where women can't vote.  And I hope for a world for my children and grandchildren where they can't imagine being told who you can and can't marry and which citizens are denied equal rights.  Sadly, I predict that neither of these court cases will go well this week.   But that doesn't mean I can't hope!

Human Rights Campaign is hosting a rally in Washington DC and a "Wear Red for Marriage Equality" campaign this week.  On this Tuesday and Wednesday, I will dress my kids in red to symbolize our hope for an Equal America.  If you are also a Supporter of Equality, WEAR RED this Tuesday/Wednesday to show your support, and when people ask you "why is your family wearing red", take the time to explain about the important events of this week.

Please SEND ME PHOTOS of your family in red this week!  Show your support for MY Lil Family and support for equality - I'd love to see and share your photos!  Email a pic to LilFamilyBlog @ and at the end of the week, I'll make a collage of all of the "Friends of Lil Family Blog" that wore red for us this week!

Leave a comment!  Let me know if you'll wear red for us this week!  Please share this post with your friends/family/Facebook wall!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Lilybug

Every year, my family (including the girls' dad) goes to a comic book convention in Philadelphia - we make a whole weekend of it, visit friends in Philly, eat out, stay at a hotel, etc.  We've been going every year for maybe 8-9 years (I forget what was the first year we went), even before Lily was born.  In 2008, the convention was about two or three months before Lily was born, and I was super pregnant.  Missy spent most of the time walking around without me (with our friends) and I spent a lot of time sitting (I was pregnant, OK!)  And Missy found an artist that made these adorable paintings, and she saw this one, and thought it was exactly how we pictured future Lilian.  And so she bought it, and we framed it and hung it in Lily's nursery before she was even born.  (Plus, it kind of matched her nursery theme and colors - it was a ladybug/garden theme in red/pink/green/black).

Lily's crib 2008

And now, a few years later... when I look at this picture (still hanging in her room), I am always surprised at HOW much it really does look like Lily!  (Even the part in her hair is on the same side as Lily's.)   Now it's one of my favorite pieces of art that we have!

What do you think?  See the resemblance???

Lily.  February 2013.  Age 4.5

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Friday, March 15, 2013

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Common Decency

Today's post is on.... Common Decency.

So, on Sunday, our family went out in the city (because Missy spent the weekend in Brooklyn and I ended up having to pick her up, so the girls' dad met us and we took them out for dinner and took Lily to Magnolia Bakery for the first time.)  Dinner was amazing, cupcakes were yum, we all had a great time.  And we came back to my car to find this:

(I forgot to take a photo of the car, so I drew an "artistic" rendition of it. Please excuse the drawing, I am the world's worst crayon-artist.  But you get the point.)

(click to see larger)
It was apparently the day before garbage day, and one of the businesses stacked nearly a DOZEN industrial size garbage bags ON my car, blocking BOTH doors and handles, all the way up to the windows.  There was room in front of my car, behind my car, where the tires are (it would still be leaning on my car, but at least not blocking the doors), or behind me was parked a moped, which obviously doesn't need access from both sides and can be accessed from the street side.  But no, someone parked their trash ON my car, ON my doors.  And we were 5 people, with baby seats on EACH side of the car, so it's not like we could have all climbed in one side.

 I started moving the bags and putting them near the cafe so I could open my doors. They were dripping liquids out and one had already been peed on by a local dog.  Awesome, right?  Meanwhile, B is standing with the stroller acting like I'm insane and Missy is trying to wrangle Lilian into the car (since Lily sits on the driver's side, which was the street side.)  I'm super annoyed and considering going INTO the cafe and asking that whoever put all the garbage ON my car come and move it...

... When a girl walks out of the Robin Rice gallery with one bag of garbage and is about to drop it ON the pile (against my car, would have been so high it would have been blocking the window entirely), and so I say to her "Um, excuse me, this is MY car and we're trying to get out."   She looks at me and says "I didn't put all this here."  And I say, "OK, but you're about to add ONE MORE and I need to get in the car!"  She says "where am I supposed to put it?"  And I said "Anywhere else!  There's a whole block!  Put it in FRONT of my car."  Then we stare at each other in silence for a second.  She is still holding the bag over the pile and so I spell it out a little more clearly... "DON'T PUT THAT THERE, don't put your trash ON MY CAR."  And I swear, that b*tch looked me right in the eye, dropped her bag on top RIGHT ON MY CAR, and walked back into the Robin Rice Gallery.   Her eyes and her actions said to me "F--- You.  What are you going to do about it?"  When really, it would have taken 0 more effort to put it leaning against my tire (and not the DOOR) or in front of or behind my car.  She had to walk past the trunk area to get back into her building.  But still, she put it on my door.    I stood there in shock for a moment, I was so surprised at HOW RUDE she was right to my face.  She apologetically dumped garbage on my car - which was ONE MORE BAG I had to move to be able to get my entire family into the car.  It's bad enough that the cafe put all the garbage on "someone's car" (mine) but she, right in front of me, did it, even after I asked her not to.

What happened to common decency?  Or being polite?  Or just doing the right thing?  Who blocks TWO of someone's car doors with trash (when there is a baby seat inside that door especially)?  And who does it right in front of someone after being asked to put the trash ANYWHERE ELSE?   I truly can't remember being treated in such a way in public in a really really long time.

The building the REALLY rude girl went back in to.

The cafe my car was parked in front of.

Super cute Lily, with her first Magnolia cupcakes.

I was totally steamed the whole drive home about it.  I was really in a state of shock that someone would treat someone else like this right to their face.  I'm not a confrontational person, so it was hard for me to even  have to say SEVERAL times, please don't put your trash ON my car.  And still, right to my face...

What is WRONG with people?

Has something like this ever happened to you?  Tell me about it...

Monday, March 11, 2013

One Blanket to Rule Them All

Holy, Mary, Mother of God.  We just got the baby gift to top all baby gifts.

Our dear friend, Mary, is amazing at kitting.  She made Lily a beautiful blanket, a couple adorable hats, and a gorgeous ladybug sweater.  Coraline got a super cute reindeer hat since she was a just-before-Christmas baby.  But today, Mary topped herself.  She topped everyone.

I swear, it's the Sistine Chapel of handmade knitted things.  It's the Mona Lisa of all blankets.   (I'm not even a Star Wars fan - Missy is - and I definitely can't name all the characters on it...) but it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen.  I think we may need to hang it on the wall in her room instead of wrapping her in it (and risking a throw up).

Mary, you outdid yourself, it's incredible.  I know Coraline (and Missy) will treasure this for life.   We love you!

And now... the blanket:  

Handmade Blanket by Mary V. for Coraline

Friday, March 8, 2013

How Fast Does Hair Grow????

I was always happy with my hair until THE BAD HAIRCUT of 2006.  My hair has never been the same and I've never been happy with a haircut since.  And in 2011, my hair was SUPER long and I got it cut short on a whim... and while I was in the salon, "the Starbucks thing" that turned our life upside down happened.  (P.S. for those curious, we've never purchased a thing from Starbucks since.)

Well, here are more "hair adventures"...

I haven't had a haircut in a year, not even a trim.  On February 24, 2012 I got a really short haircut that I wasn't happy with.  I didn't mind the length, I intended to get it really short, but I didn't like the actual cut.   And so i decided to grow it long again.
So, just for curiosity sake, here's exactly how long my hair grows in a year!

Dana,  2/24/12 on the day I got the short haircut.

Dana,  3/1/12, about a week after the short haircut.


Dana, 12/14/12, two days after Coraline's birth, almost 10 months after the haircut

Dana, 3/3/13 - One year and a few days since the short haircut.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Delicacy of Life

 I held my girls a little tighter today.

I'm a member of a few online mommy "due date" clubs from the site I used to chart my cycles and conceive my girls.  All the moms that got pregnant in the same month would form a forum, where we could discuss our pregnancy and later our babies' development.  I'm a member of the August 2008 group for Lilian and the December/January 2012/2013 groups for Coraline (both since she was due January 3, but I knew for sure she'd be arriving in December, I followed/joined both groups.)  Our August group has been together since December 2007, when we all got our "two lines".  Some moms have dropped out along the way, but there is a group of about 80 of us who have stayed in touch ever since.  We've become Facebook friends and have real-life meet-ups, and some of the women who live close have even become best friends as have their kids (birthday buddies.)  I've met about 10 of the women in real life for playdates and/or meet-ups when we travel.  We do birthday gift/Xmas gift "secret Santa" type exchanges, penpals for our kids, Christmas card lists, etc.  We went from an internet forum to a group of actual friends and sisters.  (We jokingly call each other "internet Aunties" to each other's children.)  We've been through a lot as a group, one of our August  babies was taken too soon at 8 months old (also overnight) and another suffered a near-drowning at 11 months old that left him disabled.   We've been together through several divorces, miscarriages, death of parents/grandparents, loss of jobs, etc.  But we've been there for the happy moments too - birth of new children, job promotions, purchasing new homes, and even TV shows.  It's truly the most supportive group I've ever had the privilege of being a member of.

Well, today another one of the internet aunties suffered an inconceivable loss, her almost-two-year old unexpectedly didn't wake up this morning (unexplained).  My heart is breaking for the R family and the loss of their adorable son L.  Momma G, you've been in my thoughts all day, and will be for a long time.  This is literally the worst fear of any parent you've ever met.

 I've never met G or her kids and I only know her through group interactions, but I do know that she is a generous and kind women and I can't imagine how this is fair.  It's not, obviously.  But when this happens to someone you've known for 5+ years, and so suddenly, it really hits home that it can happen to anyone, at any time.   As a parent, this is literally my worst nightmare and it makes me physically ill to even think about what she's going through today, and every day after.  It makes any complaint I had about anything (ever) seem so insignificant.  It makes every struggle I've ever been burdened with seem minor.  And I wish I could turn back time for her, give her more time, undo what's been done.  Today I want to remember to feel grateful for my 2 girls and every day I've ever spent with them.   And truly, I have nothing else to say today, about anything, because nothing else in the world can be more important.

I'm hurting for G and her whole family.  And I'm feeling just how delicate life can be tonight.

New Look and New Location

Lil Family Blog

Lil Family Blog has a new look and a new location!  

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Wordless Wednesday

Baby Lily on the left 2008, Baby Coraline on the right 2013

3.2.13  Coraline, 11.5 weeks old

(click to see larger)

Coraline, 12 weeks old,  3/5/13

Me & Coraline  3.3.13

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Dress! (Product Review from eShakti)

I had the opportunity to review a dress from eShakti, and I am SO happy with it!

 It's been a long time since I bought any clothing for myself, especially a dress, so it was super fun to browse their online catalog.  I've never shopped from a company that had customization available.  For instance, you can order by size (and they carry size 0-36, sizes for practically everyone) or you can take your measurements and they will custom make a dress(or skirt or top) for your size.  Also, you can choose different options such as neckline, skirt length, sleeve type, etc for many of the styles to suit your body type.  Between these two things, everyone should truly be able to order a piece of clothing to suit them perfectly!

Same dress, customized 3 different ways.

I knew I wanted to choose a black dress, because I often feel silly when I wear any other color.  And I knew I wanted one with an empire/high waist - and when I saw this one called the Sea Biscuit dress, I knew it was the winner.  It has teeny tiny horses on it, and whereas I don't care for horses all that much, my daughter Lilian is obsessed with horses, and so I thought wearing this dress would make her happy.  And since it's a summer weight dress (made out of satin, with a full slip liner underneath), I can wear it to her birthday party (and the Hampton Classic, if we go this year.)

Sea Biscuit dress by eShakti

I didn't feel like measuring myself, so I ordered my size.  But I customized the dress by selecting an above the knee length (since I have short legs and a long torso, longer length skirts don't look good on me) and a Deep-V top (since I'm busty, lower necklines look better).  My only regret is that I didn't do a longer sleeve length, since my upper arms are a problem area for me.

So, Thank You to eShakti, I love my dress.   Here are some photos of me modelling it (which is a pretty big deal, since I don't love having my photo taken, I'm usually the one behind the camera.)

(And what's a post without a baby picture!)

If you'd like to place an order from eShakti, for the next week, you can use the promotional code: LILFAMILY to receive 20% off your order.  I promise, it's super fun to customize your items!

(Disclaimer: eShakti sent me this dress for free for the purpose of review.  However, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to endorse OR like their product in any way.)

As always, comments = love!  Leave me a comment and tell me if you like my new dress.
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

10 Year Anniversary

Today is the 10 year anniversary of my first date with my future wife!  We went to see The Hours, which was made the SECOND worst date movie only surpassed by our second date which was The Pianist.
You can read how we met and all about our history here so I'm not going to repeat it all. But since our wedding was shotgun (days before Lilian was born, NY passed a law to allow same-sex marriages in other states to be recognized, so we ran off and got one with no planning on 8/8/08), the date isn't all that significant to us.  I think our "dating" anniversary is more important.  Shortly after (July) we moved in together, we got our first pet, Ruby, in May, and things just took off from there.  We bought our first home in Oct 2004, our civil union in August 2007 and got pregnant in Dec 2007.  So, really THIS day is the day we became a family.   And we went from a totally depressing movie on a cold night to THIS awesome family with two beautiful daughters in 10 years!

Our ONLY family photo.  1/19/13 at our friends' wedding.

So, I'd like to wish a Happy Anniversary (10 Years!!!) to my superawesomefantastic wife.
 Happy Anniversary, Missy!   
But also to my entire family, because this is the day we BECAME a family, a little bit at a time.

On a similar note, February 18 was Ruby's 10th birthday.  My best friend Ruby is a decade old!!!  She is as awesome as ever and the best dog to ever live.  She seriously must be part human and I love her to death.  For her 10th birthday, I took some adorable portraits of her I'd like to share.

Tiny Ruby, 5/8/2003, the day after we got her.

Ruby, 10 years old,  2/17/13

Happy Birthday, Ruby!!!

My best friend, Ruby.  A decade together.  2/17/13

Making Dreams Come True... Just Part of Being A Mom

Mommy and Baby spoons.
It's not often that I get to be "Popular Mom."  I can't help it, I'm uptight.  It's not that Lily doesn't love me, because she loves me TONS, but I'm usually the mom enforcing showers, not allowing Doritos for dinner or saying "no" to whatever crap she wants to buy in Target.  I'm the mom that says "no."  (Lucky for her, she has two moms.)  So today was one of those rare moments where I got to let her do something not-a-big-deal on a grown up scale, but spectacularly exciting for a 4 year old:

We ate ice cream from the container.
(for breakfast)

Here's how it went down.
It's 10AM and she says "Mommy, can I have an ice cream cone?", knowing damn well, I'm going to say "not unless you eat breakfast first, how about some eggs?"  Well, it's Saturday, she let me sleep late(r than her), and she's a really good kid.  So today I answered, "well, you can't because we are out of ice cream cones."  (True.)  *Major look of disappointment* followed.  "But..."   I told her to hang on, and returned with the tub of ice cream, two spoons, and a big smile.  She took one look, wrinkled her brow and said "Are we going to eat out of the tub?" (with major shock in her voice.)  And I said, "Yep, we are."  What followed next was a little over the top, but if you know my kid, you get it - she's easy to please... and extremely talkative.   "Oh my god.  It's a dream come true.  I've alllllwwwways wanted to eat out of the tub." (Always?  In all of your 4 years?)  "Thank you SO much, you're the best mommy."
And so we sat... and ate.  And I let her eat the entire chocolate stripe out of the center (well, what was left of it, it wasn't a full carton, don't worry), where normally I'd have insisted we eat the flavors at a consistent rate.  At some point she clinked my spoon and said "Cheers, this is the Best Day Ever" and I agreed.

Comments = love!
Leave a comment and tell me about a similar moment you've had with your parents or children.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Thank you! (to Pumpin Pal, MommaCandy and Whole Soul Jewelry)

This is a thank you post ...

If you read this recent blog post, you know that I have been struggling with pumping breast milk for my 2 month old.  Desperate to find a solution to both my pain and the hassle of pumping, I discovered Pumpin Pal, a company that makes alternate breast shields for pumps, with a different angle than the standard Medela ones.  On the "about" Pumpin Pal page, creator Jon Gillan writes how he "developed the Super Shield Plus angled breast shield that not only allows a mom to sit back while pumping, but also reduces the chance that she will develop plugged ducts, mastitis or other complications. The design of the Super Shield is simple but revolutionary….a true ‘game changer’ in the pumping world."
I had to try it!  I contacted them and offered to do a blog review in exchange for a set of parts, and I got the kindest email in return in which he told me "times are tough and we all need to do what we can to help each other.  If you'd like to write a review than you are welcome to but this gift is not tied to it."  They are truly a company dedicated to helping women achieve their breastfeeding goals, and this generous act truly made me feel more dedicated to meeting my 6 month pumping goal.   So, THANK YOU to Jon of Pumpin Pal.

I received all 3 sizes of flanges and a mesh "dry bag" for pump parts.  I also took photos of the small (24mm, standard) Medela vs. Pumpin Pal and the  (27mm) Medela vs the Medium Pumpin Pals so you can see the difference in the angle and shape.
24mm Medela vs Small Pumpin Pal

(Click to see larger and read the back of the package).

3 pack of Super Shields and Mesh Dry Bag from Pumpin Pal

27mm Medela vs. Medium Pumpin Pal

My next thank you is a double thanks.  I was the winner of a Valentine's Day giveaway!  I SO rarely win things, so it was super exciting for me, and I just want to say thank you and give some shout outs.
So, thank you to Shauna at MommaCandy for hosting the giveaway. Shauna is a friend of mine who writes a super awesome blog about parenting, current entertainment (TV and such), products, food, and other things Mommas love!  Her son and my oldest daughter are both August 2008 babies, so we've been online friends since December 2007 when we were pregnant.  So check out Shauna's blog - I promise a fun read.
And thank you to Whole Soul Jewelry for the prize!  The Silver Spoon Jewelry Collection was a no brainer for me, since i LOVE the look of antique jewelry, and I also have a spoon collection!!!  I love antique spoons!  I was deciding between the bee, butterfly, bird, and hummingbird (I love animals too) and in the end, decided to go with the Bee necklace since it was a Valentine's Day contest, and my wife's name (Melissa) MEANS honey bee (in Greek.)   So thank you Shauna and Whole Soul for my new necklace - I love it, and it was an awesome Valentine's Day surprise!

Bee necklace from Whole Soul Jewelry

(Also, I had pretty flowers in which to photograph the necklace, thanks to my dearest friend, and my girls' father, who sent us a lovely floral arrangement this week!  THANK YOU!)

I've been feeling very lucky and thankful!

(Thanks for reading!  Please visit Momma CandyPumpin Pal and Whole Soul Jewelry.   Also, see the ads below and to the right - please give a CLICK on them, it helps me out a super amount!)

And as always, comments = love.  Please leave comments below!
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