Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn / Pumpkin Picking / New Belly Photos / First Day of School

Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year.

I love everything about it:  

* My birthday is September 8, and while still technically summer, for me, September = autumn.

*Then back to school - and while having to wake up for school every day wasn't always awesome, new school supplies was!  (I wish I were joking, but school supplies made me seriously happy.  The OCD organizational part of me LOVED starting new.)

* Autumn colors - i just LOVE how colored leaves look.  To me, it's the prettiest time of year.

* Autumn weather.  I HATE hot weather, so when the heat of summer finally lifts, everything seems just right again.

* Halloween.  Even before I had a kid to take Trick-or-Treating, I loved decorating for Halloween!

* Thanksgiving. Mmmmm... delicious.

*  Pumpkins.  Not only do I love the taste and smell of pumpkins.  But I think as decorations they are SO adorable.  I love pumpkin candles, pumpkin drinks and cakes and pies.  I just love pumpkins.

*  Apple picking!  One of my favorite days of the year!  (Here is my blog post from last year about Apple Picking (with photos). )


This past weekend, we took Lilian pumpkin picking at Hank's PumpkinTown.  We live WAAAAAAY on the end of Long Island and so Route 27 is the ONLY way to get to our house.  During autumn, Hank's PumpkinTown becomes the cause of 45+ minutes of traffic just to get IN or OUT of the Hamptons.  The stretch of 27 that it is on backs up for MILES while people park, cross the street with wheelbarrows of pumpkins, kids running, etc.  So traffic slows down to 5 mph for miles, and adults curse PumpkinTown for 2 months.  But during the off season, you can see all the playground equipment, etc and so Lilian has been asking us for a YEAR if she could go there, and my answer every time was, "yes, when it's pumpkin picking time, we'll go there."  And... it's pumpkin picking time, so we finally went.  Parking/crowds/lines weren't really all that bad (way less severe than the traffic it causes to actually pass by it) and so we all had a really nice time.  Our friends A & R came with us.
So... some photos from the day:
(Click any of them to see it larger!)

Deceiving photo... since Lily was too afraid to go DOWN any slides that day!

Lily makes this "crooked" face when she's concentrating.

Lily's on the pumpkin train!

Her favorite part of the day... before she found out there were ponies!

Trying to get a nice, but NATURAL smile/pose!

The obnoxious (yet adorable) smile I get when I ask her to pose for photos MOST of the time.

She did THIS all on her own.

Still waiting for a nice face....

There we go, Lily's NICE & natural smile that I love!

Family shot.

Our friends R & A.  Man, I love them!

Lily's Favorite thing ever = Horses.

Happiest moment of Lily's day.

How cute are they?

The pumpkins that Missy bought for Lily and I.  Can you guess who picked out which?

Also, what's an update without a new pregnant BELLY PHOTO?  Here's the last one at 18 weeks.   And here's now!   I should really make a page to put all of these, so I can scroll through them like a flip book.  I took a lot more belly photos with Lily's pregnancy.  This time around, I'm not feeling all that attractive... I feel huge and kinda dumpy.  And I got a SUPER short haircut in February that I didn't love, so I'm growing that out as well.  Bleh.  Whatever.   Baby bellies are still cute, no matter what!

Crappy cell phone photo in bathroom mirror, while wearing PJs.

Lily giving her baby sister a kiss... she's so sweet!
Only 14 or less weeks to go at this point (since baby will come NO later than 39 weeks, and possibly as soon as 36-37 weeks depending on how wonky placenta is behaving.)  We're excited to meet Baby Girl #2!


And lastly, since this seems to be a "what's new" blog update as well as all things fall... I'm gonna share Lilian's first day of school photos too!  For many reasons, we decided to send her back to the same private pre-school she went to last year, but most importantly of all the reasons, was because we LOVE her school and so does she!
She ran into school on the first day without even saying goodbye!   *sigh*  I should be thrilled she LOVES school, more than hurt that she didn't mind saying goodbye... right?!?!
Here are the photos from LAST year's first day of school (2011).  And here are some photos from THIS year's first day of Pre-K.  (Lilian is 4 this year.)

Lily's first day of Pre-K.   9/10/12

First day of Pre-K.  Heading inside.

Mommy making Lily take ONE more photo before going inside.

Lily's 2nd day of school.  Outfit was SO cute, I needed another pic.

Lily's 5th or 6th day of school... I just love her autumn clothes!


I think that's it for now.    

Updates soon to come:  What's new with Baby #2.   And a totally belated post about Lily's 4th birthday.


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