Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What My Life Needs More Of...

I've known my "oldest" friend since we were 9.  We met at summer camp and spent 8 weeks as bunk mates from age 9-16.  Of all my camp friends, she was the only one that lived in my county, which also meant she was the one that my mom was willing to drive me to visit!  When we got our own licenses/cars, we got to be the "out of town mysterious girl" at each others' friends' keg parties.  She went to college in Pennsylvania, i went in Manhattan.  I think I only visited her in East Bumblefuck once, but she visited me a few times.  After college she stayed in PA for a few years... then she came back to New Jersey.  That time overlapped when i lived in Hoboken (about 15 minutes with no traffic, which was never, away from where she lived), which was awesome, but we still didnt see each other enough.  Then i moved to Long Island in 2007, which everyone from the NYC area knows, is no different than living in China.  People from the city & the entire rest of the continental USA are all like "you live in NY, let's hang out... oh wait, you said Long Island... that's like 2 bridges/tunnels away... i can't cross two rivers, i might as well swim across an entire ocean" (everyone thinks this... even my parents).  So it seems like distance has kept us apart for most of our lives.  But you know what is awesome?  She's the kind of friend that you can not see for a year... and when you do, it's like no time has passed and it doesnt even matter, things just pick up where they left off.  Another sucky thing for us... is that I hate the phone.  I mean, i really hate the phone.  I talk on the phone on average 10 minutes a week... and 5 of those minutes are usually individual phone calls saying "i'll be there to pick you/Lily up in 5 minutes."  But she, she hates the internet and more often than not has her Facebook disabled, and deleted her blog & Twitter.
Put all of this together... and there just isnt enough Linda in my life.
So this post is for you.
One time, we were about 14 or so, and i was visiting at her house.  We went for a walk - where or why, i don't remember.  But I do remember a dog... a huge black, mean one... a Doberman perhaps, charging out of a driveway at us, and we took one look at each other and Ran!  The unfair part was, her legs are about 6 inches longer than mine, and she was a high school athlete (and i walked the "mile run" in gym class).  She took off and was about 5 houses ahead of me.  She probably looked back, but there was no way I could catch up.  Remember that old joke about not being able to outrun a bear, and the guy says, "i dont need to outrun the bear, i just need to outrun you!"  Well, there we were.  And then there was a guy in his driveway working on (maybe washing?) his truck, and in some adrenaline powered superhero move, i leaped onto his truck in a single jump and stood there trembling on his roof.  And he said "hi, there."  Certainly one of my most hilarious AND horrifying stories about dogs of my life.
As a kid, Linda was obsessed with two things.  Madonna and mooning people.  For some reason, it was her life's mission to make sure every last human saw her ass.  This made for awesome van/bus rides at summer camp.  Though she may deny it, i think, sadly, she's outgrown this.
On one camp trip, we must have been about 15 years old, and we went to Boston, or Montreal, or some city north of us.  We stayed in a campground outside the city, and this trip was different than most, because we went with the boys group our age.  Linda and i snuck out of our tent for a little late night visit (one more teenage obsession of hers... boys) and as we were sneaking around with our flashlight, we got caught by the trip leader.  We shone our flashlight on him in an "oh shit" moment... and instead of yelling at us for sneaking out after dark, he started shouting at us "you RUINED my night vision."  To this day, i still have no idea what the fuck he was talking about.  Your eyes will adjust, chill out.  But whenever anyone shines a light in my eyes, i think "you've ruined my night vision" then laugh alone like a weirdo, and think of Linda.
When we asked Linda to be Lilian's Godmother, she cried.  And i'm pretty sure she takes this shit seriously, she IS Italian.  I think she'd even leave a decapitated horse's head in someone's bed for Lily.
When i got married, i asked the 4 women most important to me in my life (besides my soon-to-be-wife) to give me my something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue. My grandma gave me a gold ring (we she said was a wedding ring, something old), my mom gave me the garter she wore at her wedding (it had a blue bow), one of my besties, Jaime, sent me haircombs to wear (new), and Linda lent me her lucky pendant (which was on a safety pin, and i wore pinned to my bra.)  None of those four people could be there with us that day (our friends Christiaan and Wick were our witnesses), but they all were a part of my wedding.
On another camp trip to Boston (or maybe it was the same one), Linda bought a frog stuffed animal.  (I have no idea why) But i have a photo of her (somewhere) hanging out a shop door, in a brownstone building (probably Newbury Street), waving this giant green frog over her head.  She took the frog to college, and he became one of those items that you hold on to move after move.  In 2002 (i was 22), when i had a horrible car accident, after i was medi-jetted back from Florida to NY, she came to visit me at the rehab hospital (she still lived in PA) and she brought me this same frog to keep me company.
My first and only time white water rafting/canoeing was with Linda.  On the Delaware river somewhere in PA.  We were canoe partners... and on the first day, we got our canoe wedged between 3 rocks in a rapid, and had to get out to pull it free.  It was disastrous.  The next day i broke my toes rafting... that sucked too.  I never went again.
Below are an assortment of photos of us from various years.  I'm typing this on my phone at work, so later i'll include more photos (and caption them properly), but for now... here they are.
Last year (Sept 8, 2010) for my 31st birthday, Linda put this poem in her blog for me.  It ranks in one of the best presents i ever got from a friend:  (and BOO to Linda for deleting her blog, you should bring it back, but Yay to me for copying and saving this before you did.)
 An Online Diary of Loo Loo's Mondo
 Wednesday, September 8, 2010
 happy bday, my summer camp sister
 as delicate as i had always assumed she was
 she accepted me from the start
 my age 8 tomboy self
 her artsy and magical ways
 she always wrote notes
 and dotted her "i"'s with a heart
 i always knew
 that she was brilliant
 she liked me
 despite the fact that
 i used to run around
 (almost always)
 with none of my clothes on
 screaming for attention
 farting and burping
 on command for show
 as dainty as i had assumed she was
 she still got a kick
 out of the fact that
 i peed in some girl's shampoo bottle
 the girl was a b*tch
 and totally deserved
 a head massage with urine
 as young as we were
 i always knew that i'd know her forever
 she stood by my side
 when i spit in some kid's face
 for the lies that he told
 and she was the only one
 who believed my truth
 as reserved as i always thought she was
 she didn't flinch when i told her
 about my life
 things that are BIG news when you're 14
 and tattoos
 i always knew that she was special
 different, unique
 i always would hope that i'd have her forever
 no matter our age, our school, our town
 when i cleaned out my closet
 i found a college paper
 that i had written about
 a photo of us
 taken one night in new york city
 she makes it easy to feel inspired
 she's easy to admire
 she's the bird on the wire
 that moves over
 for the rest of her
 feathered friends to arrive
 my instinct is to protect her
 that will never change
 even though she's the stronger one
 in my mind's eye
 she's soft like a watercolor painting
 that hasn't had
 a chance to dry
 i kept every letter she ever sent me
 from nyc to london, cali, nj
 i kept every mix tape
 used book and burnt cd's too
 she's private
 i can't say much else
 but i can tell you this-
 she is love
 Posted by Loo Loo at 12:54 PM

So this is a big Thank You to Linda for being in my life for the past 23 years (shit, are we seriously that old?).  For always understanding me.  For always telling me what I want to hear (sometimes).  For never failing to make me laugh.  And for always having my back.  I always said you were the sister i never had, and you still are...

Lilian and her godparents at her 2nd birthday party.

Linda & Dana, house party in Hoboken 7/25/2003

Summer 2010

Summer Camp 1992

3 of my favorite friends in one photo!

St Patrick's Day 2010.

A very romantic Valentine's Day  2010

1997  Freshman year of College


  1. I love you D! So, so, soooooooo freaking much! Also, I totally remember that dog, we were walking down River Road. LOL!!!!! PS- The blog will come back soon...

  2. This is my favorite blog post ever and it made me cry.
    I love you, and I love "Poo"...

    Even love that she got me to type, "I love Poo."

  3. If this was Facebook, I'd "LIKE" your comment, Missy.
    PS- Get a cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loves youuuuuuuuu!


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