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Bigotry at Starbucks - Update 4

Today's New York Post, page 26.
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New York Post, November 14, 2011, page 26.

Today articles hit major news sources where a man claims he was fired from T.G.I. Friday's restaurant chain for voting for Obama. His boss not only verbally harrassed him at work for his political views, but called hin ON voting day and told him he'd be sorry for voting. Not two weeks later he was out of a job on what he claims were false charges. The manager who bullied him in this way is named Tanya Edwards.

Why is this so important to me (besides the obvious WRONGness of the whole situation)???

Because remember Jeffrey from Starbucks - the guy we witnessed get fired for being gay??? Well, the manager who was the ring leader of that situation, was one and the same... Tanya Edwards.

Read about TGI Friday's incident here:

And if you're new/unfamiliar with the Starbucks situation, here's a recap: (from our visit back in June in Centereach, Long Island, NY)

So, originally Starbucks tried to claim that the incident wasn't what it seemed... and that Jeffrey had quit his job. Jeffrey and his lawyer expected Starbucks to fight his claim for unemployment, but surprisingly, Jeff had his unemployment hearing a month ago, and Starbucks elected not to even show up at the hearing, and time period for them to dispute the decision has passed, and Jeff has been awarded unemployment! Once that was awarded, Jeff and his lawyer filed Federal and State suits against both Starbucks and Tanya Edwards personally for wrongful termination and discrimination. And now that his financial security has been obtained, Jeff is ready to speak out about the situation, his outcome and his details. (Previously, we only had OUR point of view, as third party witnesses, but Jeff had to stay silent to protect his future case.)

The New York Post contacted Jeff yesterday before running their story about Friday's today to confirm that it was in fact the same manager, and it was the first he knew of the previous incident. (And this is the first time the name of the manager has been revealed to us).

Starbucks issued a statement claiming that we misunderstood... and i know many of the 1,000s of comments on our blog claimed that we were "looking" for discrimination or drama, or whatever. But with this new information in the public eye, i can't imagine Starbucks or anyone else claiming that we misheard or that it would be impossible that this woman would say the things she did.

People like Tanya Edwards do NOT belong working in the service industry and certainly should not be management. She used her position of power to bully employees whom she didn't like based on their race or orientation or politics. And this is NOT OK.

I'll be looking towards Starbucks (again) to see if they can make this right. As of yet, they have not contacted Jeff in any way, no apology has been issued, no financial benefits (besides state unemployment, just recently) has been given, and nothing to the public. Nor have WE been contacted by Starbucks and issued any sort of apology or admission of guilt for what we had to witness.

To this day, we haven't set foot in a Starbucks, but I would still like to see them make this right. I'd like to hear from them that this was all the fault of one disgusting woman, and i'd like to know that she's been fired and is unhirable in the future - which is what she threatened Jeffrey with.

We will update with more info as it becomes available... but the hurt and shock of this still hasnt gone away for us, and this new information just reopens the wound.

Update 3


  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. I want to hog tie her, douse her in bleach and then set her on fire

  3. Wow. I just don't even have the words. The fact that millions of decent Americans are without jobs right now, and this psycho not only has a job, but one in management is truly shocking.

  4. As I have said elsewhere: WHAT A TROLL of a woman. Thanks for the update, and please keep us posted on Jeffrey's situation, especially if he is free to talk about the case at all. I have often thought of him and wondered how he was doing. DB

  5. Why would they apologise to you, you didn't get fired, and what "evidence", this is just your opinion. Stop trying to take everyone to court and make a case out of nothing. Flippin' get on with living life mate.

  6. To the genius who wrote "Anonymous said...

    Why would they apologise to you, you didn't get fired, and what "evidence", this is just your opinion. Stop trying to take everyone to court and make a case out of nothing. Flippin' get on with living life mate.
    November 14, 2011 7:34 PM"

    Starbucks should apologize to my family for taking my MONEY for a product, then exposing us to homophobia and general RUDE behavior IN their restaurant. A company IS responsible for the behavior of their employees while they are on duty. A "hey, ladies, you should NOT have heard what you did in our store, and we're sorry you did" is TOTALLY in order.

    And as for "taking everyone to court"... we aren't taking ANYONE to court. Our family has NOT contacted a lawyer.

  7. I think we need to look at this as a human rights issue. No one should be treated like this at work. No one should be permitted to exhibit such behavior more than once let alone twice. It sounds like we now need to start bullying programs in HR departments for the hot headed executives that earn these top paying positions. Glad to see where my $5 is going every morning... Lining the pockets of the greedy 'good ole' boys' who feed us nothing but empty promises of a better world. Hypocrites.

  8. Thank goodness you witnessed what happened to Jeffery. Otherwise she would just continue doing this to other people. I have a good feeling this woman if finally going to be called out for all her racist, bigotry and all around illegal behavior.

  9. Oh my goodness! I only just found all of this, because I was doing a Google search for something only semi-related. So just today, I read the whole thing and all the articles and updates.

    I want to say that your family has incredible courage! I hope that if I am ever in a situation where I witness that kind of discrimination, I will respond the way you did. I also hope that I can teach my kids to do the same.

    I wish the best for you and for Jeff, too. No one should have to endure that kind of hate, and no one should have to witness it.

    No offense to loyal customers of Starbucks, but I'm glad that's one place I'm not putting my money. I don't anticipate it changing in the near future.

  10. I want to say I'm in shock because I can't quite identify my feelings right now. But nothing shocks me about human behavior. I do have to comment, though.
    The day I read your blog back in June (I believe the day after it was published), I printed it out, along with over 45 pages of comments and marched myself into the Centereach Starbucks location (I live here) so that these women could see in black and white that their horrendous behavior was spreading like wildfire around the globe. I left a copy with the employee behind the counter and asked for the name and contact information of the location's regional manager. I was given Tanya Edwards' business card. As soon as I got home, I called and left her a voice mail and e-mailed her a link to your blog. She did call me back and thanked me for bringing it to her attention. I was told some corporate-speak bullshit about how she was on the road but would read my e-mail as soon as she had internet access and would act accordingly.
    When I saw THIS entry in your blog just now, all I had to see was her name in the NY Post clipping and my heart went to my mouth. You've GOT to be kidding me. I am on the verge of tears over this abominable treatment of one human being to another. And it has happened by the same person in two (that we are aware of) instances. Who else has she done this to?
    Just so you know, I plan on making noise about this even further than I have. I am involved with many gay rights groups as well as anti-bullying campaigns. But tie this all together with the fact that this woman has a previous record of discrimination based on RACE, too? That GREATLY broadens the audience that will stand up and take notice of the story now.
    I am FURIOUS.

  11. ..I passed it comment for the co-incidental worker is that "sometimes kharma takes a while to catch up to you...this SPECIFIC time?....we're going to help it I always say....we're just here to help eachother along....this time?...I hope to help Kharma...

  12. It saddens me to read this, as far as this society has come, it takes only one person to remind us thst there is still much work to be done.

  13. The DM is no longer with the company.


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