Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Short Pre-School Update

Lilian is still loving pre-school.  One of my favorite parts is seeing all the crafts/projects she makes... they are just so adorable they make me squeal with excitement.  (Photos below of a few recent ones).

Her teachers seem to like her.  One told me she's hilarious.  She asked her how to do something... she was shown and then did it herself... and when she did it correctly, she exclaimed "Ta Daaaaaa!"  Then later she was told "good job" regarding something else, and she took a bow.  LOL.  She seriously is a funny kid.

When we got to school today, one little boy was laying on the rug sobbing, and she dropped her backpack, went over to him, bent down and said "what's wrong?"  She is so caring too... she is always looking to make people "feel better."  Her teachers both "awwww"-ed when they heard her do that this morning.

She's a really good kid.  We have teacher conference on November 11, I am curious to see what they have to say.

A few pre-school photos from October:
(The photo below with her in the red shirt and overalls was on pircure day.  The photo of "lunchtime" at pre-school was on Halloween when the parents came in for a party.)

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