Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Thankful For... (A List)

Things i'm Thankful for... 2011
(In no particular order)

* diet Coke
* Farmville
* photography and the ability to freeze moments in time
* salad
* modern medicine
* my beautiful house (and my nutty landladies)
* my new-to-me car (especially after the past 2 years i had with my last car that fell apart on me, then caught on fire)
* Smart Dogs and Morningstar veggie burgers
* my daughter, Lilian, i made her myself.
* the fact that i MADE a human. After all this time, it doesnt get any less awesome.
* Books. And authors. And my Kindle to read them on.
* my parents who made me as awesome as i am.
* Nap blankets from Brookstone, our family has many... and they feel like we're sleeping on clouds.
* Friends. Specifically Ashley, Val, Lizzie, Mary, Christine & Linda.
* Pumpkin flavored/scented anything.
* Autumn. Leaves and smells and colors and weather.
* my wife: who has endless patience, limitless love, and bakes the best cupcakes this side of the galaxy.
* Lily's school & teachers who have brought her out of her shell and have her loving learning.
* Iacono Farm: where i can buy my eggs cruelty free, and even meet the chickens.
* my job - almost 1 year. And my boss for being more than just a boss, also a friend. And Baby V for taking it easy on me (most days).
* King Kullen for double coupon days... just kidding... or not.
* my brother, Jared, for his unconditional love despite our differences. And his wife, Bee, too for being so sweet and making him happy.
* Amish people and their delicious, delicious jams and pickles.
* Horses - they're kind of scary but make my daughter infinitly happy.
* my mother-in-law, who despite driving me crazy, loves Lily to death and is always there for us.
* Living near the beach, and the perfect summer we spent at Fresh Pond.
* the cutest white chihuahuas to ever live: specifically Ruby - the half human talking dog, and Oliver, the most loyal mushbucket in the world.
* the "Starbucks incident" for giving us the opportunity to speak out and do the right thing
* Lilian's dad, B.  Who went from being our best friend, to family and giving us the greatest gift possible.
* Green tea flavored ice cream
* okra (i rediscovered it this year)
* comfortable shoes
* comfortable bras!
* DVR and OnDemand TV
* New York State legalizing gay marriage.  6 down, 44+ to go.
* my internet friends, many whom i've never met, but have "known" longer than a lot of real life friends.
* juice boxes
* air conditioning
* The Situation (the turtle, not the guy) and his wife
* my grandparents, who for the first Thanksgiving are both gone, but are with me in every decision and action i make.
* the sisterhood of my August '08 Moms Group who have provided me answers, advice, and friendship.
* my travelling pants (ok, i dont have those)... but i do have a Fanta shirt!  My Fanta shirt!
* old friends i never get to see, but thanks to Facebook i dont lose touch with: Jaime and Christiaan
* my (reasonably) good health
* my parents' second spouses... who make them a lot happier than they seem to have made each other.
* roadtrips & hotel beds
* soup in a can
* massages & pedicures
* my large basement for storage... that does NOT leak or floor or mold
* lily. Not only am i thankful FOR her, but also TO her for reminding me to laugh, love, and live.
* Blogs. And the people that read them.
* Christmas decorations
* deer. And that i live somewhere where i can see them daily.
* Apple and their marvelous products
* digital cameras
* Our favorite restaurants: Bay Burger, Panera, Townline BBQ, Parto's
* sunsets
* Spock (our 1 and a half year old Beta fish who was Lily's 2nd birthday present)
* mustard
* all my family, past, present and Future.

I'm sure there's more... things I missed... and things that will come to me in the next 36 hours.  But i consider myself to be so lucky, that the list of things i'm thankful for is essentially neverending.  And whereas the whole concept of eating turkey is kinda gross and hokey to me, a day of remembering exactly what makes life great, is a really really good thing.  This past year has been a really good one, and i am looking forward to topping it next year.


  1. awww, thanks! i'm super thankful for you, missy, and lilian - and all the friends i've met through you guys! xoxo


  2. What a lovely post. In the midst of kind of a yucky year, it's sometimes hard to remember to be thankful. You've inspired me to try to come up with my own list.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    ICLS #47

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for your nice article

  4. i loved this post, i'm thankful for you too. i agree, missy does have "endless patience, limitless love, and bakes the best cupcakes this side of the galaxy".


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