Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

Here comes another photo heavy post... but I have lots of photos to share from Halloween!
I posted last week about the adorable Halloween cupcakes and cookies we made as gifts, and here is all the rest of the stuff we did to celebrate this year!

This was a really cool year, Lilian was 3 years old (+ 2 months) and really "got" it this year.  She was excited to do all the Halloween related things, and got into the concept of "spooky".  We even let her choose her own costume (2008 she was a pumpkin, 2009 she was a robot/ladybug - two costumes, not combines, 2010 she was Nemo) and this year she at first asked to be a horse (she is OBSESSED with horses), but agreed to be a cowgirl... ON a horse, which was a lot easier for her mommies to make/get.  In the weeks leading up to Halloween, we went pumpkin picking and I did a Halloween portrait shoot of her at the farm, we painted wooden pumpkins, we baked, we decorated the front of our house with lights & spider webs, and we carved pumpkins.  And on the day of Halloween, her pre-school had a party that parents could attend, and then we took her Trick-or-Treating.  The village we live in does Trick-or-Treating in town, and all the shops give out candy.  There are plenty of crossing guards and kids everywhere.  Definitely a safer alternative to knocking on strangers doors in pitch dark neighborhoods (where we live there are no street lights, and most people don't do house lights because of light pollution, so it's DARK.)

After what was pretty much a month long celebration in our house, I felt like Lily totally got the Halloween experience this year!

And now some photos...  (CLICK on any of the photos to see it larger).

Halloween Painting Projects:

Lilian about to start her masterpiece.  10/16/2011

Paints you see in the background, 2/$1 at Michael's!  Wooden pumpkin $2.

A totally fun way to spend the afternoon, and we spend about $10 on them all.

Lilian's two finished projects.

Missy's, Lily's, mine from left to right.  Yay!
Lilian's Halloween Portraits, 2011.

Portraits (on our front porch)  10/22/2011

My friend Stephanie made this awesome dress.  Info:

That's me!  I'm the one that's not 3.

And here's Lily with Missy!  Being silly as usual.

Portraits at Balsams Farm in Amagansett, NY

Lollipops made a good bribe to get her to sit still for portraits!
We did our pumpkin carving with friends this year, and it was one of the most fun nights of the year!   10/23/2011

Mia (age 5 or 6) and Lily getting the guts out of the pumpkin!

Me again, gutting my pumpkin.

Missy, slow and steady wins the race!  This pumpkin will soon be epic.

The kids took off by this point, and left us to carve.

Are these the coolest pumpkins or what? I carved the owl (2nd from left) and Missy carved the Frankenberry (center), friends Emily, Mat, and Jenn carved the other three.  It was our first time carving, and I was MAJORLY impressed!
 Visit this post to see all the Halloween baked goods we made the night before Halloween.

And finally, the photos from actual Halloween, which fell on a Monday this year.  10/31/2011

My little cowgirl.
 By the way, we didn't get that hobby-horse for Halloween, she's had it for a year or so, a gift from her grandfather.  The cutest part about it, is his name.  She named him "Popcorn" which is her favorite junk food.  How cute is that?

Pre-school party. When we arrived, she was eating popcorn with a fork.  Weirdo.

Bouncy castle fun.

Playing trains with Baby Yoda.

This is the first time I got to witness lunch time at her school... and I thought it was SO adorable!

I wonder if she does this every day with her apples.

So cute, I couldn't stop taking photos!

One more photo in her costume - she takes a nap after school, and I was worried she wouldn't want to put it on again for Trick-or-Treating!
I love her face in this one... and she looks a lot like me at her age in this shot.

She and MommyMissy playing "I'm gonna get more candy than you"...

Cute vest, right?  We got it on etsy!

Trick-or-Treating in town.  No, Mommy (me) did NOT wear a costume this year.

Lily said "Trick or Treat" and "thank you" to everyone.  She's so polite!

I found Waldo!

Lily and her friend, V.

This "alley" in town was made all spooky... it was really cool.

This werewolf's bowl had a mechanical hand that grabbed yours... and it scared Lily to near death!  You can see her screaming as she jumped back a mile!  She then said "let's get out of this spooky place."

So, Halloween 2011 was a total success!  I'm already looking forward to next year.  Especially the pumpkin carving, that was new for me this year, and I can't WAIT for next year's!


  1. so cute! i love all of these photos. congrats on finding waldo!

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