Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Thoughts and Reports from My Weekend (and a little complaining)

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My Weekend
By Dana Alison
Ha ha ha! I feel like i'm writing a grade school report on how I spent my holiday vacation.
Because i worked extra hours earlier in the week, i had Friday off. Our besties (and Lilian's dad) BS and Val came out Thursday night and we stayed up late playing X-box Rock Band and hanging out. I'm glad Rock Band has made a reappearance in my life. The year Lilian was conceived and a fetus, we played nearly every weekend like it was a job. It was awesome and super fun. Then i guess we all "got over it", but now 4 years later, it's fun again! Yay!
Friday, we woke up early and drove to Riverhead, the nearest major shopping area (about 35 miles/50 minutes away) to do bulk party/grocery shopping. We bought BBQ supplies to the max. Afterwards, we went to Bay Burger, our favorite local burger joint (in Sag Harbor) where we sat at an outdoor table next to Kelly Ripa and her family. She had no make-up on and they looked like a very down to earth family. The boys were really well behaved, and when they were leaving, she told Lilian that she liked her T-shirt! How cute is that. Soon after that we went to pick up Hillary & Sarah at the train station. Hillary has been a longtime "online" friend of Missy's. They met once briefly at Missy's band's shows and they have mutual friends, but this was their first real hang out. And what better way to get to know someone than to have them stay at your house for 4 days straight! Ha! Lots of cooking, BBQing, eating went on. Sunday night involved a big Italian dinner and Ashley (one of our favoritest humans on the planet) and Roberto drove out. Saturday night was a BBQ (Mike, Kate and Felix and Mat stopped by, all local friends). Hillary and Sarah went to the beach for a couple of hours Sunday morning, but it quickly turned to a rainy day. The weekend was mostly a 4 day long slumber party with pajamas, group naps, cooking and snacks all day long, video games, cartoons, and puppies. The big BBQ party and beach day didnt really happen, but that's OK because we all got to relax. The weekend felt LONG and now it's Tuesday morning and i feel well rested. And all 4 of our houseguests got away from the city and their real lives and had a 4 day "getaway". I think we all needed that. We didn't bother to go see fireworks last night, we were already in unwind mode, and traffic/parking/mosquitoes are all horrendous out here in the summer, and Lilian was too little to care. So, we did a lot of nothing this weekend, and had a lot of fun doing it.
The End


The only drawback to the weekend was that i came away with a 3 pound weight gain. Ugh. I hope it's a lot of bloat and water weight (since we did eat a lot of salty, heavy foods) and by tomorrow morning it'll all come back off. I'll be eating light, drinking a lot, and hopefully going for a long walk today.

I havent been posting about my weight/diet here but I guess now is as good as a time as any to update. I've been struggling with weight... forever. And i've been on and off diets for the last 7 years. But about 2 months ago, i started "on" again. And i've lost 17 pounds... but it's been slow. Really slow. For the first six weeks, i tried Timothy Ferriss's "slow carb" diet. It basically allows NO grains or white foods of any kind and no dairy whatsoever. Beans, green veggies, eggs, and (beef/chicken for meat-eaters) are the diet. It's more specific than this, but that's not what this is about, so i'll leave it at that. It was really limiting and really hard and i lost a bunch of weight, but not really any quicker than a regular low calorie diet (like Weight Watchers) than i've done in the past, so i decided not to stick with it. And instead i'm not following a specific plan (for once) and just trying to eat light and fresh, low carbs, low fat and dairy, and limiting my aspartame diet drinks to one a day. And a month ago, i started walking. I try to walk 2-5 miles about 3-4x a week. I can walk while at work, which is awesome. The baby enjoys the fresh air, views and sights and going to the park. And i dont have to take time away from stuff I need to do at home and it helps my days pass faster. It's a win/win. I wasn't going to write about my current diet until i lost my first 20 pounds, but those last 3 pounds have been stuck! I need to kick into serious gear... and now i'm 6 pounds away from the goal, since i gained 3 back this weekend. Missy, however, has lost 50+ pounds in the past 3 months... which is almost unreal! She looks fantastic, and it makes my 15+ pounds seem insignificant. But, this is a lifelong struggle... so i guess as long as i keep moving DOWN on average, i'm doing OK and i won't worry too much how slow it's going. I have a goal of losing 25 more by my birthday (Sept 8), which is also in the neighborhood of the goal that i want to reach before getting pregnant again. I'd like to start my next pregnancy at a much lower starting weight than last time, to hopefully have an easier third trimester. Well, i hope my next diet update is a much more positive one.


There is 2 things i hate about summer. (And i mostly hate summer). 1. The Heat. 2. The bug (bites). And both have been problematic recently.
The weather has been humid and our house isnt properly air conditioned. There is one unit in our high-ceilinged living room/kitchen/dining/hallway area, but it's a big space and the unit barely cools it. And our other 2 units are in the basement... uninstalled... and we can't do it on our own (i have a bad back and can't carry it, and Missy is asthmatic). So the bedrooms have no A/C. Lame. We slept on the couches (all 3 of us) for the past 2 nights, but i dont get the best night sleep there. I need to find some kind of handyman that won't charge us a fortune to install them.
Part 2: the bugs. When we moved in, we found old used ant bait traps around the house... but no ants! We figured the previous tenants were overreacting. Fast forward 8 months... Hello, ants! I find about 20 a day. And not only in the kitchen. By the front door, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Nice. But i can handle that. And out here, mosquitoes are inevitable. And sadly, Lilian and i react badly to bug bites... they swell as big as marbles, and have in the past gotten as big as baseballs! But we keep the doors closed... and i can handle that too. These aren't the bugs i'm talking about.
It's ticks. Dog ticks and deer ticks. Since spring, i think i've found about 8 ticks on my dogs... big ones though, most likely dog ticks. And we found one Lone Star tick. But this weekend i found two deer ticks on Lily and Missy found one on herself, so yesterday was the day of Tick Extraction. Lily is really brave, and so she didnt flinch when we dug around in her skin with tweezers. But still Not Cool. Last thing i need is for my 3 year old to get Lyme Disease. I know it's partially inevitable, the ticks that is. They are a huge problem out here. It's rural, it's coastal, there are tons of deer (which i love, all 3 things) and therefore, tons of ticks. But part of the problem is my backyard. It's unacceptable. It's bascially a wooded lot with 2 circle "clearings" in the back one on top of each other, like a snowman. But this property hasn't seen landscaping in probably 10 years. There's no grass (ivy ground cover, and weed ground cover in the clearing), the bushes havent been pruned in ages, weeds are as big as trees, autumn leaves havent been removed in years, etc. And the "front yard" is a circular driveway, and the part in the circle is the same... wooded, overgrown, etc. Overgrown is the best word i can use. It's just out of control. I LOVE gardening and landscaping... but since we never felt "permanent" in this house, i havent taken the time, and i am definitely not spending money on a rental house. But there's no safe place to really sit and read a book, and certainly no safe place for Lily to play outside. It majorly sucks, because that's part of the appeal of living somewhere so rural. Outdoor space.
Well, i guess autumn will be here soon enough...


The next bit of weekend drama... Ruby nearly poked her eye out. (For those new readers, Ruby is my first dog. She's an 8.5 year old, nearly 14 pound chihuahua. She's quirky and my best friend). It started a couple of weeks ago... one eye was puffy and watery. I looked at it, didnt see anything, and assumed it was allergies. She's allergic to everything: foods, trees, grass, mold, pollen, humans, etc. It cleared up for a few days... then got worse with goop and swelling... i looked and saw nothing else unusual, so we thought maybe she had pink eye. Dogs can get that too. Again, it cleared up and was fine for a few days, but then swollen again this weekend. So Friday night, Missy and BS examined it... and holy crap! There was a HOLE in her eye. (A puncture wound or an ulcer.) She could barely open it. This resulted in a lot of chaos and concern (would she die? Would she lose her eye?) So Saturday morning i took her to the vet, and it is exactly what it looks like. He thinks it probably was an run in with a thorn or stick (another reason why my backyard is unacceptable) or perhaps another dog's claw. But it looked clean and like it had started to heal. Prognosis good. Super expensive rx eye drops purchased. And now that it's been a few days, the hole looks more like a dent, and she can open her eye all the way and it looks otherwise pretty normal. She didnt lose vision. What sucks is that it is supposedly one of the most painful injuries you can have... and we didnt notice for so long. I looked, but never saw it!!! And her behavior never changed, so i never knew she was in pain, that's why i assumed allergies. Well, i feel terrible, but she's on the mend now. Send well wishes to my baby Ruby!


Another bit of personal suckiness in my life. Last summer Missy bought me a digital Canon Rebel SLR camera. I wanted one for 6 years, but couldnt afford it. And 3 weeks ago, i left it outside in the rain for a few hours (oops) and it seems to be completely dead. So i had to resort to a point-and-shoot mini Nikon i got as a gift... that takes terrible photos. Well, on Saturday, that one broke too! What are the chances! So this will be the summer of no photos (except mobile phone shots). If you know me... you know HOW unusual and HOW crappy this is for me.
(Friends and Family: birthday is coming up Sept 8. Gift certificates to Best Buy so i can put them all together and buy a new camera would be fabulous. Just a hint!)


Lilian is going to be 3 in a week and a month. I cant believe it. In some ways, time has flown. And in others, not. I can't even remember what it was like to have a baby in the house, now that i have this awesome, funny, little toddler around. I've been hit HARD with the baby fever. Emotionally, i am SO ready for a little brother or sister. (Some other pieces have to fall into place first, but i, myself, am ready.) I dreamed about Lilian years before she was born... she even had her name in my dream (and that is partially how she got her name). And a couple of weeks ago i dreamed about her little brother. Yes, brother. He had a name, and i could see his face and hair. And now i'm anxious to meet him in real life.


I didnt make it to the beach this weekend, but that is DEFINITELY where you'll find me this weekend. With a LOT of sunblock on. (My back got burnt last weekend, and 10 days later and it still hurts.) Plus, every time i go out in the sun, i get 100+ new freckles on my face, and it's getting out of control. But i vow to spend 1 day on the beach this weekend. Water/swimming is probably the ONLY thing i like about summer. Wait, thats not true. Gardens and fresh fruits are the other two. But swimming is up there. Oh, and sandals. Sandals are really good.


I think i've rambled on enough about all the bullsh*t going on in my life this week. Just two whole, and two half more work days until the weekend.

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  1. three years old is a great learning time. you will see...lilian will have so many questions and everything is ''WHY'. IT'S SO GREAT TO SEE H OW THEIR LITTLE BRAIN IS WORKING. JUST HAVE PATIENCE MOMMAS. YOUR WRITING IS SO INTERESTING. THANKS FOR SHARING


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