Monday, July 11, 2011

Help Wanted...


Lil Family Blog is looking to update both our look and our style soon.  I'm looking for help from some other bloggers, designers, parents, and small businesses in the next few months to get the ball rolling.  If any of these describe you and you'd like to participate and/or have some sort of exchange, please send me an email at LilFamilyBlog at gmail dot com.  I can't pay (money) for any of these things... but i can advertise for you (run a button or ad in my sidebar, do a write up about your company, etc.), do something in trade (photo retouching, writing projects, etc.), or just be forever grateful.

1.  Graphic Designers - i'm looking for a more updated and personalized look for the blog.  I'd like to do away with the generic background and have a more uniform and stylized look to the blog. 

2.  Promotion - Lil Family Blog is on a few webring type sites (like Picket Fence... see the button on the right... please click it to vote for the blog!)  And i'm on a few blogrolls on other blogs.  But i know there are a lot more sites, blogs, and forums out there.  If you host a site, if you're on one that you love, or if you have your own blog and you'd like to exchange buttons - please let me know.  Let's help each other!  And any internet savvy person who'd like to help promote and work on PR, i'd love to have you. 

3.  Weekly Guest Bloggers - i'd like to run a series of guest blogs from other points of view.  If you blog, or just read blogs, or just have something to say, i'd love to hear it and share it.  Lil Family Blog has a thousand+ followers and gets several thousand views a week; it's a good place to get heard if you'd like to.  Looking for writers on: parenthood, gay/lesbian issues, adoption, New York/ Long Island relative issues, me, womanhood/feminism, humor, pregnancy and trying to get pregnant, dogs and pets, vegetarianism and being "green", travel, photography, marriage, family life, etc.  Even if you've already blogged about it, i'd love to republish.  I'd also love to guest blog for you and/or exchange articles!

4.  Sponsers - Looking for advertisers, big and small.  If you have a good product or website i can get behind, i'd love to host your ad and/or do an article/review for you.

5.  Giveaways - to properly review (and photograph) a product actually takes a lot of time.  But readers love giveaways.  If you need attention for your product, more followers, Facebook fans, etc., and nearly free advertising... consumers love a giveaway.  Contact me and we'll see if your product is a match for this blog.  Great for made by hand items or small and upcoming businesses as well.

6.  Related to a few of the items above, in August we'll be hosting a Birthday Bash month - where there will be daily posts, giveaways, products reviews, and all things TODDLER and birthday to celebrate Lilian's 3rd.  Looking for sponsers, content, and products to feature.

7.  Suggestions!  Any ideas you'd like to see here, let me know!  Any topic ideas you'd like to to cover, or things i've left unanswered, let me know.

8.  Fundraising/Charity - i'd like to cover some good "causes", so if you help raise money for a cause related to anything i discuss in the blog and you'd like a write up or help promoting, please submit it to me for consideration.  I'd like for my readers to have the chance to support good causes that might interest them.

If any of these are things you'd like to work with me on, please leave a comment or email me.  (And on the flipside, if there's anything i can help you with, don't hesitate to ask.)  The internet is a small place, let's help each other out.

And if this applies to anyone you know, please pass this on!


  1. I'd love to help you. I wrote a post called" you are a good mom" which might be what you are looking for. It's one of my favorites and I wouldn't mind republishing it and getting a bit of publicity. For backgrounds, there are a lot of good sites out there,,, are all good. Just learning about graphic banner design but I'm sure there are people out there that are much better than me. I'll write a new post anytime, too. Just let me know specifics of what you're looking for and I'll get to it!

  2. I'm always around for graphics! I will make it HOT PINK.

  3. I can guest blog again! I have a piece about Weebles that I've been wanting to write if you are interested. It's all about how I got him, etc. Very pro rescue.

  4. @ Erin - i'd love to read your post. Can you send it to me in a private email at lilfamilyblog at gmail dot com?

    @Christine - yes, I'd love to have you write about Weebles

    and @Val - rad. I need some alterations to the logo too... and a make-over. I'm gonna send you an FB message!

  5. Hi there ... I'd love to share some of my posts with your readers and exchange links, etc. My wife and I have a 14 year old that we had together. There are many blogs on Sapphokinesis about our experiences ... what do you do when your 14 yr old girlfriend tells you she was molested, dealing with bullies on line, dullies with bullies that are teachers ... lots. I hope you visit. Let me know if you have an idea of what you're looking for, if you need to, also, and maybe I just pick something out. D❤

  6. I'm always happy to network w/folk, especially since I have an up & coming indie film production company + am a creative person myself. I'm also a licensed attorney in NY & CT + have a very unusual life that has formed the basis for many of my rant blog posts (I've been told I ought to create a one woman show). Feel free to contact me through my blog if interested. I'd love to talk about being childfree since that's definitely a subject that gets ignored & unlike some people who fit this, I don't hate all children + think they deserve the best parents they can get. I definitely know a thing or two about a few other issues as well but you should see my blog & decide for yourself: "The Angry Redheaded Lawyer." I consider it a humor piece w/some logical thinking tossed in.

  7. I know i'm a little late to post on this but I'd love to donate decor for Lilians birthday party and promote my new etsy shop. I can do cupcake wrappers in any style and color and a big happy birthday banner. If you're interested contact me at blmathews0807 at gmail dot com


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