Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Spock!!!

We celebrated a family birthday this weekend.  Spock turned one!  (Sometime between March 7 and July 7 according to internet research, since I'm not sure how old a Beta is when you get him at Petco.)

For Lilian's 2nd birthday, we wanted to get her a fish... her OWN pet.  She just loves watching fish, and she's very good about remembering to feed him (and Missy is even BETTER at remembering, in case Peanut forgets).  At a science museum in Lancaster, PA on August 13, 2010, Missy and Brontis picked out a "Fish in Space" fish bowl.  Spock was added to our family a few weeks later.

Lilian in Petco picking out a fish.  9/7/10

The plastic "take out" cup that Spock used to call home.

Spock moves into his new home... Lilian is equally thrilled!

Look!   9/7/10

We moved in late October/early November 2010 and Spock stayed at my sister-in-law's house for a few weeks while we settled in.  When we moved him here (a 45+ minute car ride) he wasn't looking so good.  For a week, we almost thought we were going to lose him, he was lethargic and couldn't really stay upright.  Missy did some research and took really good care of him, and within a week or two he was back to his normal, awesome self!  Now Spock lives on an awesome vintage painted-red tiny dresser (that we found in the basement of our new house) and Missy and Lily take really good care of him.  It's almost a year since we got him, so we thought it was only right to throw him a birthday party like we do for everyone else in our house (dogs included).

Spock's birthday "party"

Cupcakes in underwater/worms/sharks theme.

Spock's birthday banner, drawn by Brontis!
We had house guests this weekend, so they joined in on the celebration.  Lilian and Missy baked the cupcakes (lemon) and Val filled them with raspberry filling.  After they were iced, Missy and Hillary (she has a BFA) decorated them with seaweed (icing), gummy sharks, and gummy worms.  Brontis drew Spock his birthday banner (if the drawing looks familiar to you, but you can't place it... look here).  And we celebrated a year of happiness with the smallest member of our family.

Happy 1st Birthday, Spock!  

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  1. The resemblance between Spock and the picture Brontis drew is uncanny!

  2. hi...i'm here from iclw. your daughter is adorable!! i love how fascinated she is in the pictures. that has got to the the awesomest fish tank ever and those cup cakes are so cute! i look forward to following your sweet story! :)


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