Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Trevor Project: Fundraising Update

In our third update about the Starbucks incident we asked for help. We asked that if you, too, were displeased by the way Starbucks handled the situation, to please forgo one cup of Starbucks coffee, and instead donate $5 to The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project is an organization that strives to prevent suicide in LGBTQ youth through 24 hour hotlines, an online community, and other outreach programs.  (For those not "in the know" with terminology, LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer, which basically attempts to encompass every degree of sexuality that varies of the path of Straight as an Arrow.)  Teens with no where else to turn can find support, advocacy, and acceptance.  Please go here to read more about it.

I don't know Jeffrey personally, I've never met him except for the 5 minutes in the Starbucks parking lot when we followed him outside, but I do know that he has a supportive mother and now thousands of strangers reaching out to offers words of support.  But not everybody has that.  And in light of this situation, that has us feeling both grateful and helpless, we want to make sure that others in similar situations of bullying and harrassment based on their sexuality, find support somewhere.  And for this reason, we have chosen The Trevor Project as an area of focus.

On the original blog post where we asked for donations and asked people to let us know that they participated there are loads of comments with people letting us know that they are on board and have donated.  On the Facebook page for Lil Family Blog there are more pledges and donations, and where we've shared on Twitter and our personal Facebook pages, friends and families have reposted and made donations.

The Trevor Project has contacted me and let me know that their usual donations (via text message) are about 4-6 a day.  In the past two days they have received 52, which equals $260.  (And I know some of our friends and readers donated on the donation page of the website via credit card.  So in just two days, we HAVE made a difference.  The respresentative has also told me that it costs $15 to field ONE incoming call on the suicide crisis hotline, so for fundraising purposes they equate every $15 to one life saved.  So, so far the readers of Lil Family Blog and everyone supporting Jeffrey have already saved 17 lives by skipping a cup of coffee.  But I want to save more.

We have set a goal of $1,000  -  a total of 66 young lives saved.  We are 25+% of the way there.  But we need more help!  Please keep texting your $5!   Using your mobile phone, text: TREVOR to 85944 to donate $5.00 to The Trevor Project, or you can just enter your phone number in the box below.  Please forward this link to everyone you know.  Post it on your Twitter and Facebook.  Send it to your favorite celebrities and news outlets.  We need YOU to help us spread the word.  In a situation where something horrible has happened, and there is nothing else we can do about it... we want to make something REALLY positive come out of it.  Send a message to Starbucks that their inaction won't be tolerated and there is somewhere better to spend your $5.

Please comment on the blog and let us know when you've donated (especially if you have donated via credit card on the website) so we can keep a tally and let everyone know when we've reached our $1,000 goal.

Say NO to homophobia, and say YES to saving a young life affected by it.

Thanks to everyone for all your support, both financially, supportive comments, and word of mouth.

--  Dana Alison


  1. hello, ladies! i just donated $25 via credit card - just want to let you know, for your tally. i did notice that they have a special section for donations "in honor" or "in memorial" of a person, so i chose "in honor" and put in jeffrey's name. so, hopefully they'll recognize that donation as related to your efforts!

    xoxo, mary

  2. Just one MORE reason why we love you, Mary! <3

  3. I've been following you since the open letter to starbucks. Im a random person from oklahoma that saw a press release from starbucks and wanted to know what they were talking about. I applauded your efforts to turn this into a fundraising effort for such a deserving organization. Keep up the great work ladies!!!!!

    1 txt donation here.

  4. 1 text donation :)

  5. I guess I am to assume that nothing has been done about the Starbucks incident (other than the fact that people have raised some extra money for the Trevor Project). This makes me sad I have really invested a lot of my emotions into this issue and I was hoping to read better news.

  6. Greetings from Norway! How are you?

    I came over this site when reading about The Trevor Project online. Personally I am very supporting of all the work that The Trevor Project is doing and about their crisis lifeline. I know how it is to be discriminated for being a lesbian, to be told I am sick for loving another woman. Enough is enough there should be equal rights for all no matter who you are or were you live.

    I am running my own fundraiser on a site called Crowdrise, here you can see it: there are many teammembers supporting it from all over the world. I would love you to become a teammember to and help support my fundraiser to raise more funds for helping gay teens.

    Elise Marie


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