Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Miracle Ball Method - *Review and Giveaway* - Not Just For Parents (again)

This product review and giveaway is different than all of my past ones, because I was not asked to try this product for the first time to review, but instead this is a product I've used and loved and promoted for years.

If you know me, you've probably heard me talk about The Miracle Ball Method, perhaps recommend it to you, you may have seen me use them, etc. And if you don't personally know me, this may be the first time you hear me talk about them, but it won't be the last.

The Miracle Ball Method is a system for pain relief, stress reduction, stretching, and overall well being. For me, it was the only natural (non-narcotic) pain relief I have found besides massage (which you can't do for yourself).

Elaine Petrone developed the program after she injured herself and ended her dancing career. Since then she has written books on the subject, consulted for large companies about stress relief, and has promoted her method worldwide. (Below photo of Ms Petrone with Miracle Balls is from her website).

The Elaine Petrone Method focuses on relieving excess tension in your muscles instead of building muscle tone like many other programs do. It's not an exercise regime, it's almost the opposite. The method focuses on breathing and becoming aware of your muscles and the tension within.

In 2002 I was in a devastating car accident. I am not going to share the full details of the accident here, that's a post for another time, but I was left with massive injuries. My left foot was shattered, my left ankle was broken in two places, my right femur was broken all the way through, and I sustained a burst fracture of the L-1 vertebra. Yes, I broke my spine, and no I am not paralyzed. But I was in a torso body cast for several months, and I underwent many surgeries on my leg/foot/and ankle and have a bunch of screws, plates, rods, and pins holding me together now. And although I'm healed, I've been suffering from chronic pain for the past 8 years. My bones are healed, but my alignment is just different now. Things don't heal exactly the way they were, metal rubs on joints and wears them down, my vertebra healed "smaller" than the rest which throws off my entire spinal alignment, and I am just all sorts of "off". I've tried exercise, I've tried pain pills which only provide temporary relief, I've tried using my body less, more, etc. but I never found much relief. But in the years 2004-2006 I was a nanny for a professional mom and her 10 (until he was 12) year old son. I really loved this family and to this day, admire the mom E and her parenting methods. She became a model for the type of parent I want to be. Well, E was into natural foods, yoga, Buddhism, and all things "crunchy". By her TV she had yoga DVDs, mats, and a box of Miracle Balls (see my first photo above). So one day, while her son W was playing a computer game, I decided to read the Miracle Balls book and give them a try. After 20 minutes using the balls, I felt immediate relief from my pain, and it lasted all evening! I couldn't believe it. So the 3 days a week that I worked there, I used the balls for a half hour or so, and I felt a difference in my body the whole week long. The product really changed my life. When W was too old to need a nanny and could walk home from school by himself, not only did I miss E & W, but I missed the Miracle Balls, so I bought my own set. They have been my go-to item for pain relief, I pack them on vacation, and I've given a few sets as gifts. It's a product and method I believe it and I just want everyone I know to try it and be amazed the way I was!

You don't have to suffer chronic pain to get the benefits of these. They'd be ideal for someone who gets stiff working at a desk, someone who sustains a sports injury or pulled muscles, PMS cramps and backaches, and they were my salvation when I was pregnant and I was having muscle pains and aches as my body stretched and grew.

The set comes with 2 balls (some stretches use one, some use two) and a book that instructs you how to use them. The balls are about the size of a grapefruit and have give to them. You use them by placing them under various body parts while laying/sitting and you use the weight of your own body to stretch the muscles while you practice breathing techniques. As you breathe, you can literally feel your muscles stretch, pull, and melt over the surface of the ball. It requires no energy, just focused breathing, and you can do it anywhere there is a clean floor space. Can't you just use any old ball or a rolled up towel with the same effect? Probably... but also probably not. These balls are the perfect size and inflated just so to give you maximum benefits.

My set went a little flat after 4-5 years and I don't have an air pump and I wanted to tell the world about their awesomeness anyway, so I contacted the people at The Elaine Petrone Method and asked them about doing a giveaway promotion, and so they sent me two sets, one to replace my old set, and one for me to give to a reader. But i urge any reader who suffers from chronic, occasional, or sometimes pain to purchase a set. It'll be the best (approximately) $15 you'll ever spend.

Purchase Miracle Ball sets here, there is a travel set, one with a book, one with a DVD, etc.
You can also purchase them in stores. I have seen them in 2 of the major book retailers (the two that both start with B and are all over America), some health food stores, and they are for sale all over the internet through other retailers.


One lucky reader will get a set of their own to try, and I hope you love them as much as I do.

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Disclaimer: I was sent two sets of Miracle Balls for free, but was not compensated in any other way. All opinions here are my own. I am not a doctor, physician, and I do not work in the health industry. I am not claiming that these will cure any ailments or injuries, I am just hoping that you perhaps will experience the same pain relief that I did, but I make no guarantees. All products and methods work differently on different people, we all have different body shapes. I am not responsible for any injuries you may sustain while using this product. Be careful!

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  1. ooh! i've wanted to try these in the past, but i always forget about them. i am pretty lucky to not have a lot of body aches and pains, but i do have chronic pain in my left shoulder blade area. it's gotten better recently, but a few years ago i was going to physical therapy, doing stretches at home, and i tried acupuncture a few times. it does come back every once in awhile, so i'd love to give the miracle balls a try!


  2. Hello Hello! I'm a fan of your blog on FB!

  3. And you finally talked me in to Swagbucks.

  4. Hmmm, have attempted to add button, may or may not be working. I'll keep at it. =0/

  5. Oh yeah! Mandatory Entry! Well, I'm in the process of trying to lose a hundred or so pounds (no joke) and in the process of working out, I get pretty sore. Not to mention the soreness that comes from just carrying all this extra weight. And I'm pretty sure a trainer at the gym was just talking about how great these things are, so YEAH! Gimme! LOL! <3<3<3 So far for pain relief I've really tried mostly anti-inflammatory drugs (ick) and either moving more or moving less. I NEED to learn to stretch.

  6. Hi =)
    OK, mandatory entry...
    I was in a car accident almost 4 years ago. My tiny little Honda Civic was hit be a semi-truck. I suffered a lot of soft tissues damage that has never really healed on account of my fibromyalgia. I have tried all sorts of narcotics, patches, physical therapy, and even spinal injections, but have never found relief that lasted. I have chronic neck and back pain that is fairly debilitating at times. I actually ordered the miracle ball set off ebay one time and was devastated that all that arrived was the balls. SO I am still waiting to try and hope that this will be my lucky chance!

  7. I voted for your blog on both sites

  8. You are on my blogroll =)(at least I am 99% sure you shows you when I look at the blog!)

  9. I'm a gfc follower and I suffer from lower back pain. Doing yoga seems to help a bit.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  10. gfc follower
    also i have back pain..It happens every once in a while..i like massage..but gets expensive
    great article though! very interesting!

  11. I have a set of these (although, I only now own one... I think the other one got left in providence). They are the perfect answer to my hunched shoulders, which are so tense and make it hard for me to lay down without stretching. I like that the ball is small and easy to store, and has aged really well.

  12. Wow. These sound amazing! I have had significant back pain since my first pregnancy, 4 years ago. I have also had some different trouble areas in my leg since giving birth to my second child this past April. Chiropractic care and kinesiology have been helpful.

  13. I like you on fb!

  14. I voted for you!

  15. I found these at Costco today. I'm excited to see if they work, since it could save me money by not going to the Chiropractor as often.

    This month, the pain from my poorly aligned back has become a constant, dull ache, and I need a non-medication solution for the pain.

    Hoping it helps!

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